Monday, November 28, 2011

Albuquerque Real Estate negotiating POWER!

Here's something that will give sellers looking for Albuquerque homes for sale some bargaining power; prelisting inspections.

All of us want to save a dollar if possible but I have come to realize that the money we save on not accomplishing a prelisting inspection seems to cost the sellers more $ in the negotiation stage. In today's competitive real estate market market buyers are making lower offers and the often use perceived needed repairs as their bargaining chip.

As a wise seller, it makes sense to have your property inspected because:

1. Once you've made the repairs it reduces a prospective buyer's bargaining power based on unknown condition of systems, and,

2. You, as seller, have removed all surprises relating to unexpected repairs,and,

3. A home offered for sale with the warranty in place is more appealing than an unwarranted home.

Some of the Warranty companies offer a warranty during the listing period (before the home is sold) to the sellers!

If you have any questions on this topic whether you are looking for Corrales homes for sale or Glenwood hills homes for sale, remember to contact me at The

by Tim Fish

Nailing that Albuquerque Home Deal

When it comes to Black Friday, the best deals are snatched up quickly. There are often a very limited number of these "Great Buys". Sometimes people are camped out for days to make sure they are one of the few lucky ones who get to take advantage of this offer.

If only buying Real Estate in the big ABQ were the same. Well, actually it is in a way. Not the camping out for a bargain, but the best deals get snatched up first. My buyers recently purchased a home that had two offers on the property. While the other buyers were negotiating via counter offers my buyers made a solid offer right from the start and it was accepted. Funny thing was the seller of this property was in a three way bidding war on a property she wanted to down size to. Who would have thought? Multiple offers on homes.

What did these great homes for sale have in common? They were in excellent condition and were priced well. I love the phrase, "It's a price war and a beauty contest." Let's face it, there is a lot of inventory out there. Many homes to choose from. The beauty of seeing a lot of homes is that when you find a good deal, you usually know it. It's a bummer when other people feel the same way and decide to make an offer on the same home as you at the same time. It is happening quite often.

If you were at Best Buy when they opened their doors on "Black Thursday" (They opened on Thanksgiving night) and were lucky enough to get one of their advertised special deals on a flat screen T.V.,  would you not just snatch it up? You know it's a smoking deal because you have been pricing them for the past two months. There would be no time to think it over, look around for a possible better deal and come back next week. You would lose out. If it is a quality product at an excellent price, there will be someone else who will snatch up that deal.

By no means am I saying to go buy a home without careful consideration. My point is to do your homework, and online at our website The Albuquerque Real Estate Group is a great way to start. See enough properties that you can make an educated decision. When you do, be prepared to move on it. Chances are somebody else likes it too. We're here to find you that great deal and your perfect Albuquerque property.

by Tim Fish

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Albuquerque homes for sale - something in the air?

Could it be all this Black Friday hype? Probably not. I'm putting my money on the fact that interest rates are still blowing the industry's mind. I am seeing my buyers lock in anywhere from 4.25% to 3.78% (credit and income area a huge factor here. Please consult our mortgage pro to see what you may qualify for). Those that have been in the business for several decades are having a hard time believing it. And yet, there are those that still want to wait it out for a lower rate....

I, personally, have seen a spike in my recent activity with buyers in particular. It was a bit confusing because, historically, this is usually the slower part of the Albuquerque Real Estate season. Homes for sale in ABQ tend to start slowing down sometime around September. Once the stats came in for the October sales it was clear that this was not a normal, slow, down- turn. Sales were actually up over 9% from September. Also, October sales have increased more the 24% in 2011 than from 2010. Are we actually recovering? I have no idea and if I did, I'd be making my money elsewhere if I knew for sure. What I do know is that homes are selling and the good ones (the well priced, shiniest pennies) are selling fast. Just ask three of my sellers who have missed out on their top picks in a few days time. That is not a fun situation to be in. The point here is (once again), if you think it's your home, buy it and buy it fast! The alternative is settling for number two.

Needless to say, the market is confusing. All the better reason to consult an experienced real estate broker. It is very tricky right now and we are here to help. Give The Albuquerque Real Estate Group a call. We are more than happy to help you find a home, whether it be Ventana Ranch homes for sale, High Desert homes for sale or anything in between. We can do it! :)

by Tim Fish

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Albuquerque Acres West - Featured Lisiting

If you surveyed a hundred different people as asked them what their idea of the "Perfect home" was, you would most likely get 100 different answers. To some people it would be an eight bedroom home complete with guest house and olympic sized swimming pool, another might say the home has to have solar panels, mostly recycled materials and with a "Green" certification rating, and yet another could say the perfect home is one with a manageable payment.

When working with buyers we at The Albuquerque Real Estate Group listen to what are clients are asking for. We will ask them what their "Must haves" are and then their "Like to's" are for Albuquerque homes for sale. Of course we are not miracle workers. We can not provide the five bedroom home on an acre lot, with views of the mountains, in La Cueva school district for under 200K. I would have already bought it! The truth is we are patient and will try our best to find the perfect home for our clients, if it's out there.

The Albuquerque Real Estate website is such a useful tool in a search for a home. It helps buyers see what is out there and compare areas and prices. Sometimes the perfect home comes along early in a buyers search but they have not seen enough homes to know that.

Funny that first time home buyers and retirees often have the same idea of what they want in a home. A small home, one that does not need work, and a manageable payment. Retirees will often have another stipulation and that is they want a single story. We just might have the perfect home for either of you. It's our feature home of the week. It is 7160 Elk Creek. Three bedroom, single story, pitched tile roof, open bright floor plan, refrigerated air, walking distance to La Cueva or the North Domingo Baca Community center found within the Albuquerque acres west homes for sale. Senior Citizens have a place to go as well as nearby parks for a family with a young child.

Enjoy our featured listing video!

Let us at The Albuquerque Real Estate Group know if you would like to see this or any other homes for sale.

- LZ

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Not as Red Hot as you may think.

I recently included a listing with the many Albuquerque Homes for sale. It is a nice 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 story home that was in great shape and very clean. It could use a few updates but over all it was in good shape and had great bones. I would even say it was "turn key". The neighborhood was also in great shape. It was just one of those smaller, unique, cozy areas that could be found in the Albuquerque real estate market.

The day the sign went up, a woman who has been looking closely at the area, was fortunate enough to catch the handy man at the property and asked it she could view the property. The handyman agreed and the lady walked through the property and liked what she saw. She then called her Realtor who, in turn, called me.

To make this long story short (as it should be) the woman and her husband wrote an offer. It was a good offer and my seller countered the price and a few technical things. The buyer then countered back and their original price. Then came my warning to my seller -

Just because a home gets one offer the first couple of days does not mean the buyers will come flooding in right behind them. It is a very easy trip to get in and many people fall for it. The first offer is usually the best and, as the saying goes, one in the hand is ALWAYS better than two in the bush, especially in this market. I don't know how many times I have seen people deny the first offer in hopes for another, larger offer...and it never comes. I have seen people almost beg the initial buyers to come back with their offer 6 months later. Its not pretty.

Bottom line - If you get an offer on your home and it is where you want to be in terms of price (not a low-ball offer), do not fool around too much with counters. Lock that offer down and get on with it! Thankfully my sellers were smart enough to do so! :)

by Tim Fish

Monday, November 14, 2011

How's the customer service in your life?

What is one thing that successful companies have in common? Good customer service. Apple, Nordstrom, the Ritz-Carlton are all known for excellent customer service. If you have ever been in an Apple store there are "Geniuses" waiting to answer your every question and spend all the time in the world with you. Then they promise to help you answer any questions you have after you make the purchase. Nordstrom's associates will personally follow you from one department to the next to help you complete an outfit from top to bottom. Cesar Ritz founder of the Ritz-Carlton empire is known for his "The customer is always right."

The most expensive purchase people ever make is their home. I would say that it makes sense to demand excellent customer service from realtors. Buyers and sellers have choices when it comes to choosing a realtor.

I understand that the most important thing going on in my sellers lives when selling Albuquerque Homes for sale is the sale of their home. They want to feel connected to me and updated on all activity, such as showings, feedback, other homes sold in the area etc. How about above and beyond? Several times we have helped sellers de-clutter their homes, provided moving boxes, assisted in yard sales, watered yards, and even baby sat while they painted.

Buyers need special treatment too. There is no set schedule for me. I work ALL the time. One thing that sets me apart from most other realtors when dealing with North Albuquerque Acres homes for sale or any home in Albuquerque is that I answer my phone. Day or night. At the Albuquerque Real Estate Group we have gone to film homes that do not have good pictures or virtual tours so that potential clients can have a better feel about what a property really looks like. I recently hosted a house warming party for a client. It was so much fun and my buyer could not wait to share me with her friends.

We get that consumers have choices. My standard line to buyers is "In the end, I want you to be happy with me and happy with your house." My goal with sellers is to sell their home for the most amount of money I can, with the least amount of stress to them. The Albuquerque Real Estate Group would love to be thought of as the Ritz-Carlton of Real Estate.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Have you looked lately?

I heard it said that wealth is made in times like these. Why? I believe it is because many people are able to sense change and capitalize on that change! Okay, so what's going on right now? Where is the change?

Have you looked lately at the factors involved when you purchase ABQ homes for sale. No? Well check this out:

1. Albuquerque Home prices have continued to drop until just recently. Now it seems to be tapering off. Prices up to $300,000 seem to be stabilizing a bit. The new norm seems to have arrived!

2. Interest rates have continued to drop as well and today rates are between 3.75% and 3.9%! What? These rates haven't been heard of for 40+ years!

When you combine these two factors properly it means that Albuquerque homes are renting for more than the payments!!!

I've been actively involved with homes sales for 39 years and I have noticed one thing; there is a peak with every high trend, and there is a low for every declining market. I don't know if this market can go any lower in value and interest rates. Either one may go up at any moment.

Should you buy now? Absolutely buy now, don't wait for the pricing to go lower because the rates may go up!

by Tim Fish