Saturday, November 19, 2011

Albuquerque Acres West - Featured Lisiting

If you surveyed a hundred different people as asked them what their idea of the "Perfect home" was, you would most likely get 100 different answers. To some people it would be an eight bedroom home complete with guest house and olympic sized swimming pool, another might say the home has to have solar panels, mostly recycled materials and with a "Green" certification rating, and yet another could say the perfect home is one with a manageable payment.

When working with buyers we at The Albuquerque Real Estate Group listen to what are clients are asking for. We will ask them what their "Must haves" are and then their "Like to's" are for Albuquerque homes for sale. Of course we are not miracle workers. We can not provide the five bedroom home on an acre lot, with views of the mountains, in La Cueva school district for under 200K. I would have already bought it! The truth is we are patient and will try our best to find the perfect home for our clients, if it's out there.

The Albuquerque Real Estate website is such a useful tool in a search for a home. It helps buyers see what is out there and compare areas and prices. Sometimes the perfect home comes along early in a buyers search but they have not seen enough homes to know that.

Funny that first time home buyers and retirees often have the same idea of what they want in a home. A small home, one that does not need work, and a manageable payment. Retirees will often have another stipulation and that is they want a single story. We just might have the perfect home for either of you. It's our feature home of the week. It is 7160 Elk Creek. Three bedroom, single story, pitched tile roof, open bright floor plan, refrigerated air, walking distance to La Cueva or the North Domingo Baca Community center found within the Albuquerque acres west homes for sale. Senior Citizens have a place to go as well as nearby parks for a family with a young child.

Enjoy our featured listing video!

Let us at The Albuquerque Real Estate Group know if you would like to see this or any other homes for sale.

- LZ


Admin said...

I love how you two are posting these properties with a great video and a blog like this. Makes me want to move to ABQ and buy all of them. Tim just takes such great videos! Good job both of you!

Unknown said...

Thank Jan!!!