Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tijeras Real Estate and East Mountain Property

Looking for homes on the East side of the Sandia Mountains is always an adventure! The entire area really makes you forget that you are only 20-45 minutes away from from the heart of Albuquerque. A majority of the homes in this area are surrounded by beautiful pine and piƱon trees with several aspen sprinkled throughout. During the fall season these aspen turn bright orange and golden yellow! There is actually an area within the East Mountain named "Firecraker Canyon" due to the one week out of the year that mother natures puts on an amazing show of colors! At times you could swear that you are looking at a painting. If this area were to be filmed (and I am sure it as) it would be easy to believe that special effects were involved.

Locating East mountain homes for sale in Albuquerque can be a challenge but that is a good thing! When people decide to move to this side of the mountain there main objective is to get away and get secluded. The different areas within the mountain include Paako, Sandia Park, Tijeras and Edgewood. If you continue to travel East you will find yourself in the town of Moriarty.

There are several local places to eat and drink within these separate communities. The people you will find here are friendly and very proud to live on the "east side". The different style of homes found vary from (but not limited to) Pueblo, Northern New Mexican and, of course, Log Cabin. Be sure and visit Tijeras homes for sale, Paako homes for sale, Sandia park homes for sale and other Albuquerque Homes for sale at www.TheAlbquerqueRealEstateGroup.com. Enjoy the Video!

by Tim Fish