Monday, November 28, 2011

Albuquerque Real Estate negotiating POWER!

Here's something that will give sellers looking for Albuquerque homes for sale some bargaining power; prelisting inspections.

All of us want to save a dollar if possible but I have come to realize that the money we save on not accomplishing a prelisting inspection seems to cost the sellers more $ in the negotiation stage. In today's competitive real estate market market buyers are making lower offers and the often use perceived needed repairs as their bargaining chip.

As a wise seller, it makes sense to have your property inspected because:

1. Once you've made the repairs it reduces a prospective buyer's bargaining power based on unknown condition of systems, and,

2. You, as seller, have removed all surprises relating to unexpected repairs,and,

3. A home offered for sale with the warranty in place is more appealing than an unwarranted home.

Some of the Warranty companies offer a warranty during the listing period (before the home is sold) to the sellers!

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by Tim Fish

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