Monday, November 14, 2011

How's the customer service in your life?

What is one thing that successful companies have in common? Good customer service. Apple, Nordstrom, the Ritz-Carlton are all known for excellent customer service. If you have ever been in an Apple store there are "Geniuses" waiting to answer your every question and spend all the time in the world with you. Then they promise to help you answer any questions you have after you make the purchase. Nordstrom's associates will personally follow you from one department to the next to help you complete an outfit from top to bottom. Cesar Ritz founder of the Ritz-Carlton empire is known for his "The customer is always right."

The most expensive purchase people ever make is their home. I would say that it makes sense to demand excellent customer service from realtors. Buyers and sellers have choices when it comes to choosing a realtor.

I understand that the most important thing going on in my sellers lives when selling Albuquerque Homes for sale is the sale of their home. They want to feel connected to me and updated on all activity, such as showings, feedback, other homes sold in the area etc. How about above and beyond? Several times we have helped sellers de-clutter their homes, provided moving boxes, assisted in yard sales, watered yards, and even baby sat while they painted.

Buyers need special treatment too. There is no set schedule for me. I work ALL the time. One thing that sets me apart from most other realtors when dealing with North Albuquerque Acres homes for sale or any home in Albuquerque is that I answer my phone. Day or night. At the Albuquerque Real Estate Group we have gone to film homes that do not have good pictures or virtual tours so that potential clients can have a better feel about what a property really looks like. I recently hosted a house warming party for a client. It was so much fun and my buyer could not wait to share me with her friends.

We get that consumers have choices. My standard line to buyers is "In the end, I want you to be happy with me and happy with your house." My goal with sellers is to sell their home for the most amount of money I can, with the least amount of stress to them. The Albuquerque Real Estate Group would love to be thought of as the Ritz-Carlton of Real Estate.

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