Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Snake, Rattle, and Roll in Albuquerque

American International Rattlesnake Museum
One of Albuquerque's unusual attractions sits on the edge of its famous Old Town. The American International Rattlesnake Museum may not attract some folks, but 50,000 plus people a year seem to be drawn to get up front and personal with the museum's scaly residents.

Bob Myers opened his museum almost 20 years ago, and says rattlesnakes have earned an inaccurate reputation for being agressive. He says most rattlers will avoid people and will only strike if cornered or threatened.

There usually are around 34 rattlers on display at the museum, which is home to a number of rare species like a striped western diamondback rescued from a rattlesnake roundup and a viritrox, which is a cross between a prairie rattlesnake and a diamondback. There are also a number of non-rattlers, like the tri-colored Arizona king snake and a striking (no pun intended) white Texas rat snake - not to mention a number of New Mexico natives that don't fall into the snake category, like a friendly faced Gila monster named Mollie and a whiptail lizard.

The Rattlesnake Museum has a gift shop, and all kinds of displays full of reptile-related artifacts like snake-oil bottles and such. If you are one of the few who like snakes, or are just curious about our rattling residents, it's an interesting way to spend a day with the kids.

American International Rattlesnake Museum

202 San Felipe NW  Suite A
Albuquerque, New Mexico  87104
(505) 242-6569


Monday-Friday...11:30am to 5:30pm
(School Groups...Mon-Fri...10-11:30am)

Closed Major Holidays, Field Trips and Animal Rescues

Kids $3 • Adults $5 • Seniors, Military, Students $4
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