Monday, November 28, 2011

Nailing that Albuquerque Home Deal

When it comes to Black Friday, the best deals are snatched up quickly. There are often a very limited number of these "Great Buys". Sometimes people are camped out for days to make sure they are one of the few lucky ones who get to take advantage of this offer.

If only buying Real Estate in the big ABQ were the same. Well, actually it is in a way. Not the camping out for a bargain, but the best deals get snatched up first. My buyers recently purchased a home that had two offers on the property. While the other buyers were negotiating via counter offers my buyers made a solid offer right from the start and it was accepted. Funny thing was the seller of this property was in a three way bidding war on a property she wanted to down size to. Who would have thought? Multiple offers on homes.

What did these great homes for sale have in common? They were in excellent condition and were priced well. I love the phrase, "It's a price war and a beauty contest." Let's face it, there is a lot of inventory out there. Many homes to choose from. The beauty of seeing a lot of homes is that when you find a good deal, you usually know it. It's a bummer when other people feel the same way and decide to make an offer on the same home as you at the same time. It is happening quite often.

If you were at Best Buy when they opened their doors on "Black Thursday" (They opened on Thanksgiving night) and were lucky enough to get one of their advertised special deals on a flat screen T.V.,  would you not just snatch it up? You know it's a smoking deal because you have been pricing them for the past two months. There would be no time to think it over, look around for a possible better deal and come back next week. You would lose out. If it is a quality product at an excellent price, there will be someone else who will snatch up that deal.

By no means am I saying to go buy a home without careful consideration. My point is to do your homework, and online at our website The Albuquerque Real Estate Group is a great way to start. See enough properties that you can make an educated decision. When you do, be prepared to move on it. Chances are somebody else likes it too. We're here to find you that great deal and your perfect Albuquerque property.

by Tim Fish

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