Monday, February 18, 2013

If you're purchasing a Home.....

I have found if you are purchasing a home the most important step, that is most often overlooked, is a consultation with your Albuquerque Real Estate Agent.

The purpose of the meeting should be share your home buying goals and to establish realistic time lines. You should be prepared to share the amount of money you have available to invest in a down payment and to pay in closing costs. Also be prepared to set an appointment for a mortgage application. I know that this may seem like setting the cart before the horse, but it is better to know what you are qualified to buy before running around looking at everything that catches your eye!

This is also your opportunity to be sure that the agent you work with will be a good fit for you! Be sure you chose an agent that listens to you. If an agent is taking notes during your consultation that's certainly a good sign. If they ask about your family that's a good sign too. This relationship must be based on mutual trust so be prepared to commit to your agent and have them commit to you. It's a good idea to know each other's schedules!

Ask the agent which Title Company they prefer, which Title Officer, and who they recommend for the home inspection and Home warranty should you want one. You should ask which mortgage companies has delivered the best results, and which loan officer they have had the best results with.

Be prepared to talk about your family. The interests of the children are important parts of the the home buying process. Do they like to play sports, where do they play? Is the school district important? Do they have special needs? What are your interests? All this information helps your agent find the best fit for you.

So remember, Don't just call any Albuquerque real estate agent and begin your search. Take an hour or so and really connect to your agent. They are there to help!

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