Wednesday, October 10, 2012

North Albuquerque Acres, A great place to live!!

An area that has received increased attention is in the extreme northeast section of the city, and it is called North Albuquerque

Originally it is said that this distant area of Albuquerque was used as an enticement to get young professionals to relocate to your fair city. When they came they received a lot! What a deal right? Well back then it was a long way north of the existing City limits!

Times have changed! Now North Albuquerque Acres provides a tranquil escape from the inner city life. One of the main attractions of the area is the abundance of wildlife! I remember that one Christmas eve my wife and I returned home to be greeted by a small herd of Deer in our front yard. Quail are a big part of the area as well. In the spring it is common to see a mama quail running down the rear wall when a half a dozen babies all in a line running right behind her.

On another occasion I recall standing in my backyard watching the sun set on the Sandia mountains and suddenly the largest Owl I have ever seen came swooping up and landed on our roof. Our feathery visitor remained there for about an hour before it flew away.

Almost every night you can hear the sound of coyotes howling during those waining moments of day light. Then only quiet exists.

We loved it there and I can recommend North Albuquerque Acres homes for sale to anyone wanting city convenience yet a country atmoshere.

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by Tim Fish

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