Friday, October 12, 2012

Thinking of buying a home now in Albuquerque?

Thinking of buying your first home? Is now the right time? Is this the bottom of the market?

Despite the economic hard times our Country has seen lately, the housing market here in Albuquerque has been showing signs of recovery. Home prices are low and interest rates are very good. There are some great deals just waiting for buyers to snatch up.

The fun part is looking at all the options a buyer has these days. From brand new homes that can be somewhat customized to bank owned fixer uppers and everything in between.

The first thing a potential new buyer needs to do is figure out how much home they can afford. Most people have no idea. This is why speaking with a lender is so critical. Sometimes buyers are surprised at how much home they can afford. Also taking into consideration, the tax breaks of home ownership.
Other times, they are surprised to learn that monthly payments will include private mortgage insurance or taxes higher than they assumed. Either way, this is the first step.  Whether you are looking to at homes for sale in Rio Rancho or homes for sale in Glenwood Hills, we can help!

At the Albuquerque Real Estate Group we work with lenders that make this first step super easy. With one phone call a buyer can get all their loan related questions answered. It is a simple process to start.  There are many programs available and it is essential buyers finds the right one. Another plus is that then a buyer knows what price range they should be looking in.

Then comes the fun part, looking at homes! Our website is a great way to search for homes in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. Feel free to call or email us with any questions. We are waiting to help you find your new place to call home. As for the question "Is this the bottom of the market?" Nobody really knows. In fact there is only one way to tell...and that is when the market is on it's way back up. Don't miss out!!

By Tim Fish

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