Monday, October 8, 2012

Several choices in (Home) shopping - guest blog, Lorri Zumwalt

My teenage daughter and I were shopping the other day. The sales associate that helped us was someone that clearly did not belong working with the public. She was incredibly rude and condescending. Argued with me over whether a product existed or not. I was right. I knew more about what she was selling than she did.

Yeah, it was the make-up counter at a department store. Let's not underestimate the importance of finding the right anti-aging serum. Also, it was gift with purchase time.

My daughter is in her second year in a high school marketing class. She is very observant and notices both good and bad customer service, even at age sixteen. She said "Let's go to another store that sells this same stuff!" My response was "You are right, I will not give her my business." My daughter is aware that consumers have options.

We at the Albuquerque Real Estate Group understand that you have options too. Our goal is to give excellent customer service, whether you are looking for Rio Rancho real estate or Edgewood real estate. We want people to share their experience as a positive one. If you are looking to buy or sell Albuquerque real estate, please contact us!

My daughter and I both made purchases that day from the same store. Like I said it was gift with purchase time and that limited our options. We just found a different sales associate that had a great attitude and was happy to help us. After I explained to my daughter that these ladies work off commission she said "That first lady will not last very long!" I could not have said it better myself!

Happy Shopping!! :)

by Lorri Zumwalt

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