Saturday, December 17, 2011

Albuquerque Home Market - No, Seriously..

I really don't care what you have read or what your neighbor or co-worker, who has no idea about the current Albuquerque Real Estate market says - The good homes are selling and they are selling FAST!!!

In the past month I have seen five (5) of my buyers find a home...go home and think about their friends to see what they think...think about it again for a couple days...then decide to make an me only to find out that the home has been under contract for the past 2 days. If you are serious about buying a home and find it, BUY IT!! Interest rates are crazy low and inventory is high. What else needs to happen??

So, to all you home buyers out there, Albuquerque homes for sale are selling and the good ones are going fast! Our numbers continue to rise month over month. Thats a fact! So buckle down, find your home and buy it, because there are buyers out there who will beat you to it if you drag your feet. So here's some tough love - you can learn your lesson the hard way or you can listen to your real estate agent, get aggressive and buy your new home.

by Tim Fish

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