Monday, December 5, 2011

Albuquerque homes for sale - What's the Value of a price reduction?

I have been fortunate to have the conversation with several of my peers about the value of a $5,000 price reduction. The conclusion we arrived at really made sense to us and several of our Sellers!

To begin, let me point out that ABQ homes for sale in this market MUST be properly priced or simply should not be offered for sale. With that said, a $5,000 price reduction on an Albuquerque Home for sale would save the buyer a whopping $24 a month! That's equal to a lunch for two! Granted, that's a savings of $288 a year but we felt that there is a much more appealing offer that could be made.

Why not make the home EASIER TO BUY for a buyer by offering to pay $5,000 in Buyer's closing costs? Now this is real money! It could make the difference between a buyer's ability to buy a home now or the buyer having to wait to save an additional $5,000 for closing costs!

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by Tim Fish

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