Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Short Sales!!!! Is it worth it?

Now there is a question I hear on a regular basis! Whether you are searching High Desert Homes for Sale or Albuquerque Downtown lofts for sale, of course they are worth it! Sure it may take a little time but if the Listing broker knows what they are doing your answers may come quicker than you expect. Typically the banks are more flexible with their negotiations as the time on the market increases. Remember each type of mortgage has different procedures they follow. Knowing those procedures will help you.

The bottom line is this: use a broker that has been trained in the Short Sale process and your offer will stand a much better chance of success.

The Albuquerque Real Estate Group Brokers are all Certified Distress Property Experts. We would love to help you!

Remember, for more information on this topic or other real estate in Albuquerque questions contact TheAlbuquerqueRealEstateGroup.com

by Tim Fish

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