Thursday, July 14, 2011

Albuquerque Homes For Sale - High Desert

The area of High Desert is very unique and one of Albuquerque's most amazing subdivisions in terms of home quality and landscape. High Desert homes for sale can range from $250,000 for a townhome or up to $2,000,000+ for a southwestern palace. These cutom homes must all adhere to the HOA restrictions when is comes to the construction of the home including the color of stucco or brick on the home. These rules definitely help fulfill and blend each home into the natural environment.

A natural, southwest and true high desert habitat can be seen around every corner. With the strict HOA and pride of ownership, High Desert wows visitors daily. There are several open space areas for locals to easily hike and mountain bike right outside their back doors. Trails can be as casual as a Sunday stroll or as challenging as an extreme mountain biker, hiker or rock climber would like, all within the same area.

With this natural landscape also comes the beautiful (and sometimes dangerous) animals and critters that have lived there for many years. It is not that uncommon to spot a roadrunner or even a deer in the early morning hours which adds to this mystic subdivision.

The Albuquerque homes for sale in this area are truly special! For a personal tour or more information on this area, please contact The Albuquerque Real Estate Group. Enjoy our custom video!!

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