Saturday, July 16, 2011

A beautiful weekend in Northern New Mexico

When I want a quick escape to reboot from selling Albuquerque homes for sale, I love to escape the city lights and retreat to the mountains. Like everybody, I enjoy a trip to Disneyland, or the California coast, but last weekend we packed up and ran to our family cabin in Northern New Mexico near Mora, N.M.. It was wonderful, the sky was blue, the flowers were blooming, and the trout were hungry!

The cabin is a wonderful place full of adventure and fun for the boys and our little girl. During the day we fish or splash around in the streams in the area. At night we often go out on the deck to just lay and stare at the Milky Way. It's amazing how clear the night sky is at the cabin. We talk about flying saucers and little men and always wonder if anyone else is out there. Then, as the evening gets cooler we wrap them up and cook marsh mellows over a campfire.

No phones, no TV, just ourselves and some good books and games. It always makes me wonder what happens when we get home? Things just seem to get crazy and out of control. But days and nights in Northern New Mexico are simpler, slower, and just more relaxing.

Real estate like our cabin is a great thing. Our family and two other families purchased the property 30 years ago. I am sure glad they did! Have you ever longed for somewhere to go to get away? If so, I am positive that purchasing a cabin is a good thing. Is it a good investment? Probably not if you are thinking about the money, but if you thinking about bonding as a family it sure is a great investment!

If fishing, reading, resting, eating, and just slowing down is important to you, consider a cabin in our beautiful state. It takes us just 2.5 hours to reach the cabin front door but it seems like a world away.

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by Tim Fish

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