Friday, July 1, 2011

Albuquerque Homes - North Albuquerque Acres

North Albuquerque Acres - A Guest Blog

Got Land?

This was an important question to both my husband and I when looking at Albuquerque homes for sale several years ago. Neither of us wanted to be so close to our neighbors that they could hear us yelling at the dog. Or worse, a kid :)

Good schools?

This was equally important to me as well. Having children in elementary, middle and high school age range made this an important aspect of our home search.

Convenient location?

My husband did not want a long commute to UNM where he works. I wanted to be close to shopping and places to eat (you can see where my priorities are).

Then I hit the lottery. No, I did not have a winning Powerball ticket. I mean figuratively when we searched, and bought, a North Albuquerque Acres home for sale. It was one of the best purchases we have ever made.

I love living in an area where everyone has an acre of land to spread out on and parking is never an issue. The elementary, middle and high school all scored 10 out of 10 at Everything from drug and grocery stores to parks and restaurants are very close by. Sometimes I ride my bike to Trader Joes. The only downside is that I can buy only what will fit in my basket.

North Albuquerque Acres or NAA is a special area. I became president of our community association last year. We are a voluntary group that is involved in keeping our area a clean and safe place to live. The past two years we have had a Spring Clean day that allowed our neighborhood to come dispose of trash, recyclables, and hazardous waste safely. Also an email alert system was recently implemented to notify one another of time sensitive information such as a lost dog, etc.

We always hear location, location, location! When a buyer makes their decision based on location, they are usually happiest with their decision. You can always makechanges to a home but you can't move the home itself.

Enjoy the video!

- Lorri Zumwalt, Realtor

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