Friday, June 10, 2011

Verbal negotiations regarding Albuquerque homes for sale

From time to time I will find myself working with another fellow Realtor and negotiations can turn to talk rather then tangible contracts when dealing with Albuquerque homes for sale. Its very easy to get caught up in but, as they say (I have no idea who "they" is), it gets lost in translation. The first red flag is "we have a verbal acceptance!" Thats neat but it doesn't mean anything until it is written down and all parties sign. It is my opinion that it all should be written down and presented to the respective seller and buyers.

If two Realtors get together and start the ol' he said she said, things can get ugly real quick and no one is to blame but them. Things could be forgotten or misinterpreted. It is always good practice to get it down on paper and have each of the parties look the papers over and try to find any corrections that can be made because buying a house is kind of a big deal.

Just a quick tip on things that could be going on that can be made aware of. Whenever someone puts a document in front of you, read over it carefully to make sure that the Realtors didn't miss anything because it does happen. We're not robots (not yet but Steve Jobs is working on it) and we do make mistakes from time to time when helping you find Albuquerque Real Estate.

by Tim Fish

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