Sunday, June 12, 2011

Albuquerque Real Estate and the short sale

It saddens me to see all those families that can no longer make the payments on their home. I have discovered that it is a very confusing time for them. When the payments are late not only are the mortgage companies calling but every foreclosure investor in the city seem to be calling hoping to be able to buy the home owner's redemptive rights in hopes of future profits. I'm sure there seems like no there is no way out!

The good news here is there is a process for Albuquerque Homes For Sale that can save you money and perhaps significant heartaches later; the Short sale.

The process is often long and frustrating, and demands the expertise of someone who knows the ins and outs of negotiating with the Lenders involved. It is an exact process in most cases. There are forms that need to completed before the short sale can even be considered. But once those forms are complete the process can begin.

The goal of all the parties involved is to sell the property for an amount that will satisfy the creditors. In other words they negotiate! The seller never receives any of the proceeds but their burden is removed and life becomes normal again.

Depending the on the reason for the short sale, many sellers are able to find another home in the Albuquerque MLS and purchase another home in two years.

There are three points I want you to hear:
1. There is a way out of the problem,
2. It is an exact process requiring a knowledgeable facilitator
3. You need a negotiator on behalf of the transaction and to move the transaction along.

Should you find someone that is in this situation, or if you are in this situation of needing a way out from under your mortgage, we can help. Our team for short sales include a Title Company trained in the short sale process and the needs of the lenders, an attorney that negotiates the sale with the lenders assuring that the process moves forward, and me to market the property to attract the buyer that will begin the entire process.

I want to help. Please feel free to refer my name and contact information to anyone needing these services.

And for all your real estate needs remember to contact The Albuquerque Real Estate Group!

by Tim Fish

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