Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Albuquerque Home For Sale by Owner - Will it really sell?

"FSBO" (pronounced fizz-bo).

This is a four-letter word for most Realtors, but not for the reasons most consumers might think. Many agents will look past a FSBO and pretend it doesn't exist when they are searching for homes to show a buyer. I've heard it referred to as "kinda like the obnoxious relative you see out with your friends and hope they go away before someone makes the connection". Beyond the obvious reason of commissions, why would a Realtor avoid the pitfalls of helping a buyer to purchase a FSBO? Glad you asked!

Despite the fact that an owner sponsored listing might be a bargain, an agent becomes twice as liable for legal and other problems. Also, a seller being represented by a professional Realtor is more willing to pay for inspections, repairs, and even closing costs. Those are major negotiating points, after all.

O.K., let's just pretend that you want to buy a FSBO home without a Realtor. You would save 6%, right? That's $12,000 on the average price of a home for sale in Albuquerque. Start with this...would you feel comfortable taking the seller's word on the condition of the home?

Do you consider yourself as a professional negotiator?  This isn't a car you're buying,  It's a HOUSE... the most expensive investment that most people make in their lives.

"But I have done it in the past.", you say. Neat. You can negotiate with this stranger all by yourself and save the commission dollars. So...do you know all the new rules regarding tax levy disclosure? FIRPTA? Septic and well regulations? Does the seller know them? Do you trust him well enough to take this chance?

Who do you call for inspections?  Do you have an escrow officer at a trusted title company?  Do you have a mortgage officer? Is that mortgage officer up to date with all the new government regulations?  These are the things you have to consider with an Albuquerque home for sale by owner.

And the appeal of SELLING your home by yourself is definitely tempting. Realtors understand this. But how much are you going to save selling a product that basically repels the main group of people (Realtors) that represent the one group of people (qualified buyers) that you want your property exposed to?

The statistics speak for themselves: 92% of For Sale By Owner transactions FAIL - this is according to the Nation Association of Realtors.

If I was feeling that lucky, I would go put my 6-3% "savings" on red or black at my local roulette table. My odds would increase 6.25 times. It would make much more sense...and maybe I would make enough money to pay a real plumber to fix that faucet I've tried to fix myself that continues to drip, drip, drip all the time...:-)

### ~Tim Fish

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