Thursday, March 25, 2010

Albuquerque Mayor Promotes Bicycle Safety

Mayor Richard Berry has adopted a new bicycle safety campaign called "Easy to Miss". The campaign, which includes a new website, billboards, mall and airport displays aims to raise awareness of drivers who share the roads with cyclists.

According to statistics, more than 100 bikers in Albuquerque are killed each year from accidents involving motorists who didn't see them until it was too late.

As recently as last June, mother and biking enthusiast Heather Reu was killed after being struck by a car. She left behind four small children and grieving friends, who came up with the idea for the campaign. Reu worked for a marketing company that partnered with the mayor to produce the billboards and website.

One of the billboards is designed to demonstrate how hard it is to see a bicycle until you are almost upon it...a picture on the sign has a biker that doesn't show until seen at a certain angle as a car begins to pass.

Bicycles are popular in our city, particularly in the neighborhoods and homes near Albuquerque's UNM campus. The campaign sponsors hope to make drivers in the University area more careful and on the alert.

Also in the works are more bicycle lanes throughout the city. Mayor Berry encourages bicycling and bike lanes, according to Chris Ramirez, City of Albuquerque communications director. He considers it a quality of life issue and wants Albuquerque residents to feel safer and enjoy biking. The website offers answers to questions of driving laws and safety tips for drivers and bikers.

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