Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Homes in the area of the University of New Mexico

by Tim Fish Summer in New Mexico is wonderful!! Daffodils have bloomed everywhere, the dry temperature is in creeping up and the fruit trees burst to life in a rainbow of color.

One of the areas that seem to wake up from winter's sleep quickly is the University of New Mexico neighborhoods. I believe it's because the growth of the vegetation is mature. Lots of tulips, daffodils, and crocus seem to pop up around many of the homes in the area.

The pedestrian traffic on Central avenue around UNM comes to life too! Ridgecrest homes for sale and homes in Nob Hill are some of the most popular in town. Stores of every kind line both sides of Central and shoppers and lookers are everywhere.

The style of the housing here varies, some homes are made of mud and flat roofs. Others are covered with stucco and have beautiful pitched tile roofs. Other homes are very contemporary and seem to have survived the early 50's (They actually did!)

Older is the norm, warm is the feeling, and peaceful is the reality. Don't let me mislead you, "Rockin" is just moments away!

The university area is always a wonderful choice of lifestyle!

We hope you enjoy the video attached!

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by Tim Fish

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