Thursday, February 2, 2012

Albuquerque HOA's. Good or Bad

by Tim Fish

I think you know the answer - It depends on what you want in your community. Some prefer the freedom to do whatever they want to their home. Why, just about 4 blocks away from my home someone decided to paint the stucco on their home pink. I kept telling my wife that it must be a primer and that they were getting ready to paint it another's been about three years and it still remains pink. Soooo, I guess they meant to do that. And where no HOA's exist, they are more than welcome to do such a thing as long it does not interfere with city ordinance. But one can't help to wonder if they are just trying to irritate their neighbors.

Then there is the exact opposite of that. Some communities that require and enforce an HOA won't so much as let a resident keep the trash cansin plain view from the street. These communities are sometimes run by ex-military types who have nothing better to do than crack skulls around the neighborhoods in a golf cart and enforce rules that the home owners pay for (at least that's how I picture it in my head). I guess the only way to keep your neighbors from painting their homes purple and pink is to pay some random third party that essentially makes money for enforcing rules set up by the homeowners? Oh, and to maintain the common area in front of the community (translation: pick weeds once a month in the rocks surrounding the neighborhood.)

Of course these examples are fairly extreme and I'm poking fun at each, but you get the point. The only thing you need to decide in this situation is whether or not you enjoy the freedom to do pretty much what you want to your home or not. There are definitely pros and cons of each and you should do as much research as you can with you realtor.

So, whether you are looking at Tanoan homes for sale in a uniform community or looking at North Albuquerque Acres homes for sale in more of a diverse community, Albuquerque has a home for you and The Albuquerque Real Estate Group can find it!

by Tim Fish

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