Monday, September 26, 2011

Nob Hill Albuquerque Homes

I love showing Nob Hill homes for sale! It is one of my favorite places in Albuquerque. The homes are great to see mainly because the people of Nob Hill have done so great things to the homes without ruining the "feel" for these older casa's. It is not uncommon to see homes that have updated kitchens, bathrooms and HAVAC systems all without losing the charm of the home. If you're lucky, you may even find a basement, which is pretty rare in ABQ! And many of the front and backyards are amazing with all the lush and mature foliage that comes with an area this seasoned.

Now, the best part of this area, in my opinion is Nob Hill on central. There are several little, quaint, one of a kind shops. From fine jewelry to tattoo and piercing shops, this area has it all ad is very colorful! And the eating and drinking is one of the top in Albuquerque. Whether you are in the mood for fresh, homemade breakfast pastries, wood oven pizza chased down with a handcrafted ale or maybe fish-n-chips with two fingers of high end highland scotch, Nob Hill has you covered!!

Single family homes can range from The $180k's to around $380k. Most homes in the Nob Hill area are flat roof, single story adobe style homes. The most recent home development here is "The Place in Nob Hill". These are newly completed condominiums that can go as high as $500k...

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by Tim Fish

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