Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Local flavor - Albuquerque homes for sale

We put ranch on ours..

It might sound strange. I don't know what you do where you come from, but we dip our pizza in ranch dressing and it is delicious! I will have words with any one who says different.

When I am out and about showing Albuquerque homes for sale, one of the "go to" places I like to take clients is Dion's Pizza. Its the kinda place you go to when you don't feel like coming up with something to eat for dinner. Local baseball teams, basketball teams, football teams and the like all flock like the salmon of capistranoto (I know....I know. It just felt right.) to Dion's for that after game nawsh. This establishment is good and consistent, which, in my opinion, is key in a restaurant. The green chili is hot and the ranch is cool. It is the perfect yin and yang. I often find myself surfing the Albuquerque MLS while partaking in the fruits of the establishment.

If pizza isn't your thing, Dion's has several hand crafted, custom, fire roasted sub sandwiches (doesn't that sound fancy!? I made most of that up!) and crisp, cool, colorful salads to choose from. If they served microbrew, I might consider a second career. Until then, I will just enjoy what they are good at...PIZZA!! And I will stick to what I am good at, selling Albuquerque Real Estate.

by Tim Fish

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Admin said...

My friend Melissa dips pizza in ranch dressing. I think that is one of the most gross things I've ever heard of!

The next time I am enjoying an Ultimate California Pizza here whilst surfing the "Myrtle Beach MLS" (rolling eyes) I will think of you. :-)