Friday, April 29, 2011

Albuquerque Homes for Sale - what is a buyer's "job"?

It may sound strange, but a lot of buyers are not quite sure of their specific role in the whole buying process. Some think that when they look at homes they must crawl all over the property and do an inspection right then and there, even when they know the home is not "the one". And I get that. It would be like me opening the hood of a car and acting like some kinda gear head with x-ray vision that can see right into the engine block and determine the condition of the piston rings...well, maybe that's a guy thing, but you get the idea. I often see people bring their own flashlights and crawl up into the attic and I have even seen buyers actually crawl right into a 80 year old crawl space only to find the remains of those who came before them....I kid! But they actually do, on occasion, crawl under the home. I felt it necessary to discuss my ideas on this briefly, just to throw a few ideas out there to any would be or current buyers.

I believe that when looking at Albuquerque homes for sale the buyer's job is pretty simple and actually should be fun - find the home that suits you best and just fells right. It sounds weird, I know, but that's usually how it happens. A person can just walk right into a home and know that it is the home that they will buy, almost immediately. The way I can usually tell is when the buyer goes nuts pointing out all the good rather than the bad and is actually gitty or they get completely silent and just absorb the home. Its pretty sweet!

So, let the professionals crawl under, over and through the home and get their overalls all dirty. Its what they get paid for. And let your Realtor scour the Albuquerque MLS. We are there so you don't have to bring your flashlight. All you need to do is view homes and just relax and let us do what you have hired us to do. Make us at least feel useful! Please! You will find the right home. It just takes a little time but it is out there waiting for you!

by Tim Fish

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