Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thank you buyers of Albuquerque homes for sale! Your Grrrreat!

I absolutely love helping people find Albuquerque homes for sale that appreciate my efforts! I truly have been fortunate lately with the quality of buyers I have had. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to work hard helping buyers search Albuquerque MLS, set up appointments, sacrifice Sundays then have them say "Thank you. I know you'd rather be doing something else with your weekend." Guess what Mr. and Mrs. buyer? Other than hanging out with my family, there really is no other place I would rather be than helping you find a home (ok. maybe fishing.). And if you have told me "thank you" and that you appreciate my time, there really isn't a whole lot I won't do for you. And that is the truth!

Now, every now and then we Realtors get a real stinker who hires us then tries to tell us how to do our job because they have read a bunch of garbage on Yahoo or have friends who took a class in college that discussed real estate for two weeks. I say find the positive in this situation and hold them right next to your good clients and feel even better about them. Its the stinkers that make me feel even more fortunate about the buyers that really need and appreciate my time and professional opinion.

So, thank you my buyers of late (I don't really talk like that. I heard it on Lord of the Rings and thought it sounded cool)! You really make my job a great one and there isn't anything else I could think of doing for a living other than helping you find your new home....OK., maybe fishing....

by Tim Fish

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