Sunday, April 10, 2011

Albuquerque Real Estate. More or less than meets the eye.

Another thing I run into when showing Albuquerque Real Estate, including Albuquerque Foreclosures, is people's opinions of what they see in a home as far as condition. Over and over again people will see a hairline crack in a slab of concrete in the back porch and think the home has structural issues. I'm not here to tell you they are wrong but what does need to be made clear is that there are inspectors whose job it is to look at those very things. Rely on that and not speculation.

I will be the first to point out an issue with a home if I think it is crucial to the integrity of the home (the picture above might be a issue. Yikes!), and your Realtor should do the same. If there is a diagonal crack at several corners of different windows, the buyer should be made aware before an offer is made (Especially with a foreclosure since there is not a seller's disclosure available). Because, again, your Realtor's main goal should be making your experience a pleasant one with the least amount of problems. If you want to dive in head-first on a home that is sliding down the hill, thats o.k. too. It is ultimately your decision.

My point is, leave the inspections to the experts, don't assume. If you don't like the home, that's ok. Move on to the next. Your home is out there and we can help you find it. Cracks and all!

by Tim Fish

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Avril said...

Things like this shouldn't appear if someone wants to sell a home. Somebody should take care of this before a buyer sees it. I have a real estate agent in vegas, from Triumph Property Management that does all this for me, including cutting the grass in front of the house....