Friday, April 8, 2011

Everyone's advice regarding Albuquerque Real Estate

One of the biggest hurdles I run into as a Realtor selling Albuquerque Real Estate is the battle between a client's advice from friends, neighbors and co-workers regarding the process of buying a home. Everyone seems to have a story and they try to relate or apply that story to another person's situation. I, myself, am guilty of doing it. We all like to share articles that we have read from Google about the market in Arizona, Las Vegas NV, Detroit and any other depressed areas. The worse the area, the longer the conversation seems to go. The more we read, the more we like to think we are experts on the situation. It just seems to be human nature. Each area is very specific...

Now, here is where that advice can be a huge problem -

Say I get a buyer and we have discussed that buyer's goals. We have discussed the advantages to buying foreclosures in Albuquerque and homes from traditional sellers in Albuquerque. We have discussed the problems with the instability of short sales and the rise of interest rates. We discuss timelines and financial concerns and so on and so on. After all these things have been discussed and quality time has been spent on coming up with a custom plan, along comes Suey Creamcheese or Joe Milktoast with her/his advice of how things should go for her friend, co-worker or neighbor and the plan is in jeopardy.

Now, I realize that a friends advice can be a valuable thing. But who is the professional here? Who is the one that has fought and fought to see many transactions through to the end and the one who knows and has a sense of when transactions fall apart. Who is the one who has seen the ups and downs of the market and been at battle with all the new changes and regulations? Who is the one that MUST continue to take classes in order to better themselves in an carry their hard earned designation? YOUR REALTOR.

Let your Realtor help you. That is why you have come to him or her. Do you go to your friend for accounting advice? Medical advice? Then why would you treat an investment as big as a home any different?

Every transaction is different but the seasoned Realtor, not the friend, co-worker or neighbor has the experience to give you a much higher success rate when purchasing a home. We want your transaction to go as smooth as it possibly can. Why would we want anything else? My goal is for you to walk away and tell that friend, co-worker or neighbor how amazing your experience was and how much I helped you buy your home. We both know your friends mean well, but YOU are buying the home, not them. Your Realtor is trained to help you do just that. --It is our job--

by Tim Fish

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