Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Short Sales Vs. Foreclosures: What to expect when purchasing

As more and more homes come into the Albuquerque Foreclosure market, the inquiries relating to these properties increase. Prospective buyers of ABQ Real Estate are identifying these properties as opportunities to get into a home at an attractive price. And rightly so! In most cases these properties are EXCELLENT investments! The holders of these Albuquerque Foreclosures do not want to keep them on their books and often have them priced to move quickly!

But in the midst of these homes for sale exists home owners which are attempting to sell at less than what is owed to the mortgage holders: short sales...

A prospective purchaser must be aware that often these properties cannot sell for the listed price set by the owner because the mortgage company that holds the first hasn't agreed to do so. Sure, the seller wants to sell but often the bank will not sell at even the listed price. Additionally, the process can take anywhere from 60 days to 9 months to close or even to get an acceptance. The entire process can be very frustrating to say the least! But, if you are patient (and willing to see many other opportunities slip by) you can negotiate a great price. If you are a buyer under a time limit (i.e., rate lock), I cannot recommend writing up a short sale.

Remember, the foreclosed properties mentioned earlier? These can be purchased within a specific time period and are priced to sell quickly by the mortgage holders themselves and there are no occupants in the home. The mortgage holders offer the properties "as is" so you will definitely want to get inspections done on these properties as there will be no seller's disclosure to review. Once you have been satisfied with the results of the inspections, you can move forward to closing, which should fall within the customary time frame of purchasing a home.

If you are thinking about writing an offer on a foreclosed property, be prepared to provide financial approval from a qualified lender or proof of funds, and an earnest money check.

People very often confuse Foreclosures with Short Sales. Be aware of what you are previewing to purchase and make your decisions based on your needs. Consult your Albuquerque Realtor.

by Tim Fish

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