Friday, January 28, 2011

Springtime real estate activity

Personally, I love everything about spring. The green, new growth, the warmth in the air and summer fun right around the corner! And this year it seems to mean a little more than in the past few years for Albuquerque Real Estate. Realtors seem to be abuzz with the idea that the market will continue to slowly, but surely, tick up more than the following year. I think the entire country would love to see it!

I keep hearing time and time again from buyers wanting to buy Albuquerque homes for sale and that they are going to wait for spring to roll around before they get serious about purchasing a home. O.K., I can understand that. But are there advantages to buying now? You better believe it!

The inventory for Albuquerque Homes for sale is high and interest rates are LOW! That is what we know right now at this very minute. Will inventory increase in the spring? Probably. Will competition for buying Albuquerque Real Estate increase as well? Yes. Seems logical. Will interest rates increase...and increase...and increase? All signs point to yes.

A Realtor can not tell you what to do, and he/she shouldn't (if they are trying to tell you what to do, find another! Buying a home should not be taken lightly!). We can only advise. My advice would be to consider buying before the spring rush. But if you do wait, be ready for a little competition and possibly multiple offer situations accompanied with rises in interest rates.

by Tim Fish

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