Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Short sales getting better?

So, I recently closed another short sale in Albuquerque. This one took a good 6 months which, to me, is pretty typical. It was basically 6 months of bank games that were a lot of fun! (can you see the sarcasm dripping from your monitor?) This one went through the lovely Bank of America's "equator" system. This system promises prompt, friendly and I assume honest service. The promptness...6 months isn't exactly ideal. Friendly...Some what. The assigned negotiator did give us his personal cell number because, due to appraisal service, the deal went right down to the wire (I'm talking hours to the wire). Honest...Even after the deal closed the bank wanted an additional $3k and, some how, the escrow officer was able to work around. Not to sure if the ball was dropped some where there be it seemed a bit suspect since it has happened to me once before. I'll let you decide.

I do hear conversations around the office about short sales only lasting 1.5 to 2 months. I guess it really is a learning process. If the listing Realtor knows how to get a hold of a live person and can to get quick responses, these short sales seems to go fairly smooth. It does seem that banks are finally getting better at understanding how these work. The one thing, I have to admit, that I feel uneasy about is that these homes are mainly sold as is. I warn my buyers over and over about this. Inspection costs also fall on the lap of the buyer which can go well above $1k. That's a jagged pill to swallow for me.

So, bottom line. Should you avoid short sales still. I personally don't think so. Just be prepared for some "uncomfortable situations". Your Realtor should be covering EVERY aspect of a short sale and the possible consequences.

I love my job!! ( that was not sarcasm! ;))

by Tim Fish

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