Monday, September 20, 2010

New Purchase Agreements for Albuquerque Home Sales

Be very care when using The New Mexico 2010 revised Residential purchase agreements! Be very, very, careful!

When I came home Friday night I updated my wife about my day. During the course of this particular day I learned about the new purchase agreement that was placed on the state site for immediate use. At lot has changed. This form places the burden of inspections entirely on the purchaser. (Well, that isn't entirely correct, there is a very small area dedicated to Seller paid inspections).

The buyer is now responsible for not only choosing the inspector (that's ok), but paying for the inspection. Nothing is mentioned about setting up the appointments for the inspectors. It causes me to wonder how this all is going to take place! This really needs to be negotiated clearly on an addendum!

My wife, being the intelligent lady she is, pointed out that many in our industry are probably not even aware of the changes to the purchase agreement and that I needed to be aware as well.

If you purchase a home, condo, or Albuquerque foreclosure, be sure to utilize a Realtor that is updated on the new Purchase Agreement. We would love to help you buy real estate in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I love my job!

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