Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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Albuquerque - What a place!

Selling Albuquerque real estate is a wonderful job. But certain times of the year it is really cool! Whenever clients come to town to visit our city and purchase their next home, I like to look around to see what events are occurring that we could see. Obviously the balloon fiesta in October is tops on the list, but all during the summer months there are events happening that are really fun!

The Isotopes play all summer and into the fall, and this is a wonderful way to watch some great baseball and enjoy a cold one with a hotdog. It’s the next best thing to watching the pros!

The concerts at the zoo are great for all the ages and occur throughout the summer months. My family enjoys the zoo and all they offer all summer.

My December clients have all been impressed by the luminaria, but the one place they just have to see during Christmas is the Old Town/Albuquerque Country Club Luminaria Walking Tour on Christmas Eve. Christmas is special in our great city.

I have learned a long time ago that I don’t just sell homes; I sell Albuquerque!

I love my job!

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