Friday, December 25, 2009

Albuquerque Homes Near Kirtland AFB and Sandia Labs

Kirtland Air Force Base is located in the southeastern part of Albuquerque, encompassing over 51,000 acres of Albuquerque real estate, and providing jobs for more than 23,000 folks. It is home to the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center, the 498th Nuclear Systems Wing the 377th Air Base Wing, which provides munitions maintenance, training and support to 76 federal and 384 private sector units. The Air National Guard Unit on Kirtland is the 150th Fighter wing, part of the Air Combat Command.

Other divisions include the Space Development and Test Wing, the Department of Energy local office, and the Sandia Labs National Laboratories.

With the current military situation in our country, the influx and exit of personnel through Kirtland is ever-changing. We can help with your military relocation needs.

For information on homes and residences near the Kirtland AFB, or help with selling your home in Albuquerque if you've been re-stationed, please contact us.

Some useful websites:
Kirtland Air Force Base Homepage

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