Thursday, February 7, 2013

Five (5) Reasons not to List your home for sale NOW!

There's a lot of talk about whether or not now is the time to sell your Albuquerque home. So, after a great deal of thought, I decided to give you some reasons not to list your home now:

1. You really don't want a bunch of people running through your home

After all, with an increase of 9.2% over 2011, the chances are you would get the most traffic through your home right now. You don't want that increased traffic because it would just mean more dirt on the carpet and increase the probability of getting an offer.

But you might not like all that traffic.  It'll get your carpet all dirty...

2. You really don't want to compete for a sale on your home when the supply is low. 

Heck, it's down 21.6% nationally, and Albuquerque's supply of homes for sale are at 2006 levels.

You're the competitive type that likes to run with the bulls! Bring 'em on, you want to compete with as many other sellers as possible. This way the chances are you won't be forced to clean out that garage, paint the kitchen and you will be able to stay in that house that's too small. Perhaps you want your neighbors to sell their home first. That's thoughtful!

Yes, you could to run with the bulls....because running with the bulls is always a good idea.  Along with base jumping and swimming with sharks...

3. You want to wait until there are more new homes on the market

Why place your home on the market before the builders have a chance to regain their inventory? You want potential buyers to compare your home to those clean, fresh, shiny things popping up all over town. You thought it through and you will just tape that oven door shut so they won't see that the self cleaning program doesn't work so good anymore. You think that your home and the new ones really don't compete with each other. (You're actually right on that assumption)!

Yes, you could wait...because those traffic patterns on your carpet and water stains on your shower door add character...

4. You want to pay more money for your next home

The economy needs a boost and you want to do your part. The interest rates in Albuquerque will go up, you're sure of that and if you wait just a little longer you will be able to pay more in payments. demand increases and the supply goes away you will be able to contribute even more by paying more for your next home as the price goes up!

Yes, you might be loaded with $, and you want to pay more in the future that you would pay now...

5. The market is "coming back" and you are going to wait until it gets "where it was"!

You're a gambler, you road this market from the peak to the very bottom. Oh sure, there were times when you saw what was happening but you held on.....all the way to the bottom. Oh sure, you had your home on the market during the free fall but never quite had the timing right on that pricing thing. You relied on the advice of all your friends proudly ignoring the advice of the professionals. But this time will be different. You know what you are doing, you have learned from your mistakes. You will wait until it comes back, sell your home take all that money and write offers that "make the seller's eyes water" and literally steal your next home because they won't be as informed as you.

Yes, you could wait for the "Market to come back" regardless of the jobs reports and condition of the economy...

Of course these are the 5 most ridiculous reasons to wait to place your home for sale. If you have any questions, or if you would like speak with me, please don't hesitate to contact us.......(Or you could wait...that's sarcasm dripping from you monitor.)

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