Monday, December 10, 2012

Buying in North Albuquerque Acres: Wells and Septic Tanks

Homes in North Albuquerque Acres range from double wide horse properties to $600,000 to $1,000,000 homes and sometimes more. There are several things to considering when buying in this area and the two biggest, in my opinion, are wells and septic tanks.

Some homes in Nofth ABQ are tapped into city sewer and city water but there are several homes that contain their own wells and septic tanks. These should be looked at closely when purchasing a home in this area. It is an absolute requirement that the septic tanks are looked at. Some of the septic tanks have been install quite some time ago and may need to be updated to the newer three chamber system, which is basically a sewage treatment system on the property. Once the septic issues have been ironed out (if any), the septic system will have to be recorded in the new owners name along with the well.

Well inspections typically will test the quality of the water and the condition of the well equipment itself. If the well water tests come back bad, the well water itself may be corrected, so don't freak out! Ask your Realtor to explain your options so you are crystal clear on what must be done in order to ensure the water supply to the property.

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By Tim Fish

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