Thursday, August 30, 2012

Top Ten Buyer's tips - 1 of 10

When working with buyers for homes in Albuquerque, I often am asked several questions during the entire process.  With each sale comes a unique set of questions and problems.  Every deal seems to be different from the last.  Some buyers like to try a control every little detail down to the paint color on a sheetrock repair (which is perfectly fine) and others sit idly by and trust that their professional realtor is in compete control (which is also fine).  Point is, every deal is different.

With all this being said, I think my point is that it may be ok to ask a friend or neighbor how he or she's home buying adventure went, but keep in mind - your real estate adventure will be different than theirs!  Whether you are looking at Ridgecrest homes for sale or High Desert homes for sale, Each deal is costume tailored.

My very first tip for buying a home seems like a simple one, but it may be the hardest.  A buyer must first DECIDE to buy.  Once this has been accomplished, the process gets about 50% easier.  I have seen doubtful buyers too often and it is difficult for all parties involved to commit 100% towards that goal.  Its like being on a team that is not too sure if they really want to win the game.  But once that team is committed 100%, there is not much that can stop that team from winning!....except financing, but we will cover that one next!

by Tim Fish

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