Monday, January 16, 2012

Albuquerque Homes for sale - National refinance stats different in New Mexico!

HI! Well once again the broad brush stroke doesn't apply as much in New Mexico!

I was reading the paper yesterday and found out that the national average on down payments for home loans was over 20%! Wow that sure does knock some buyers from this already stressed real estate market.

Fortunately, for some people searching for Albuquerque homes for sale, whether you are a seasoned buyer looking for homes for sale in North Albuquerque Acres or a first time home buyer looking at Albuquerque uptown homes for sale, there are programs that can be found which offer down payments as low as no down payment, and $500 down payment! FHA still offers loans with a minimum down payment as well.

The important thing here is to do business with a seasoned, local, mortgage company.

I would be happy to offer any assistance needed and offer viable mortgage company options for you and your friends!

by Tim Fish

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