Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Paseo del Norte Corridor - Albuquerque Real Estate

When you buy real estate for sale in Albuquerque along the Paseo Del Norte Corridor there is no reason to go very far. Just about everything you could possibly need is within walking distance or a very short drive. Whether you are hungry or need a haircut, you do not have to go far.

There are plenty of options when your tummy is rumbly. Dion's, Flying Star, Five Guys Burgers, and Jimmy John's are some of my favorites. I really enjoy meeting friends for happy hour at Jinja Bar and Bistro. Chili's is also an option if you need a cocktail or beer to wash down your meal.

Having both a Smiths and an Albertsons to chose from is nice. Of course no store compares to Trader Joes. If you already shop there, then you know what I mean. If you don't, then you are missing out!

Target, Lowes, and Bed Bath & Beyond are a few of the larger stores in the area. Not to mention specialty stores such as Lilly Barrack Jewelry and Strive which sells clothing and shoes. If you buy a gift a need to ship it, theres a UPS and a FedEx close by.

Need a manicure? Haircut? There are several salons in the area. Get a Great Clips trim or the full treatment at Mark Pardo.
Need a prescription filled fast? Walgreens has a drive thru. I personally enjoy the personal service Pharmica gives me. They compost some medications on site.

There are a dozen or so churches to chose from. The North Domingo Baca Multigeneration Center is a wonderful new addition to our community. Included is a library, computer cafe and fitness room. The huge park attached also has a section for dogs as well as a skateboarding and bike section. With even more additions such as a community pool in the future.

Let's face it, with the price of gas these days it's nice to have most everything you need close by. Did I mention we just got a gas station? It's great because shopping at Smiths earns you free gas here. It just keeps getting better!!

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by Tim Fish

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