Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Client benefits (Sandia Tram!)

One of the things that locals tend to forget about when living in a area long enough (in my case, all my life) is the unique, local features that the area can offer. One of Albuquerque's unique features are the Sandia Mountains and you can't mention them to someone moving in from out of town without talking about the Tram.

Our Sandia Tram has taken 9 million passengers to the top the Sandia's western, rugged face in its almost 44 years. Any one that has had the opportunity to travel a flight on the tram can vouch for the amazing scenery.

West, across the Rio Grande and volcano fields Mt. Taylor can be seen more than 100 miles away. To the west Redondo Peak stands tall in the Jemez Mountains rising up from the caldera known as the Valle Grande. And to the east lies the heavily wooded backside of the Sandias and views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and our capital, Santa Fe.

So, if you have bought any Albuquerque Real Estate from me (that includes Albuquerque foreclosures), I can provide you with FREE tram tickets so you can decide for yourself if the views are as good as I remember (No. I haven't been in a while. I'm local!). Or, if your nice and just ask, I can hook you up too. Just remember me if you know anyone buying or selling ABQ Real Estate!!

by Tim Fish

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