Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Advantages to Selling Albuquerque Real Estate ;)

One of the advantages to selling Albuquerque Real Estate is finding the cities great little secrets before the word gets out. One secret that I was let in on over the past holiday season was an excellent microbrewery located in the downtown area of Albuquerque called 'Marble Brewery'.

If you aren't looking for Marble, you will drive right past it. The building itself is a very humble one story, cinder block structure with a patio in the front and the interior is very cozy with warm tones. Behind the bar you can admire the mash-kettle tanks and all the beautiful equipment they use to brew the ales on site (must be a guy thing but I think its neat to see!

Marble offers several micro brews as smooth or as hoppy as you want.

The ales range from a smooth, very drinkable "Wild Flower" wheat to an oatmeal stout, to a double IPA for the hardcore hops lovers! Marble also was just recognized in Draft magazines top 25 beers of the year for their barrel aged specialty Belgium ale. I highly recommend it!

Bottom line, I loved Marble and I especially loved that I got to spend some quality time with a few buyers that I helped find Albuquerque homes this past year.
I love my job!

by Tim Fish

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