Tuesday, May 4, 2010

6 Tips to Improve Your Home's Sales Appeal

From Southern Living

We've all heard the advice about staging your home's interior to make it warmer - much of buying a home is based on the emotions of the buyer. A recent article on MyHomeIdeas.com listed some quick and easy ideas for sprucing up the entrance of your home. Every small spruce-up helps to add more money when you sell, and a little bit of effort on your part may get that contract in your hands sooner!
  1. Trim your shrubbery and add new ones to help with overall yard appeal.
  2. Add shutters to the windows. Don't buy cheap plastic ones, either. Toss just a few more dollars in the purchase and get wooden ones. Nice coordinated shutters dress up any home!
  3. Build a window box. Whether under a window or complimenting your new shutters, nothing adds to the beauty of a home more than a huge window box bursting with gorgeous blooming plants. Be sure to make plenty of drain holes in the bottom so the water doesn't collect and drown the plants.
  4. Add potted plants around the home's entrance. Inexpensive pots that match your trim is the key, and the placement counts too. Keep the plants in the walkspace low and out of the foot path. Place larger plants on the ground near the steps to accentuate the home's entrance.
  5. Add dark mulch or pine needles to cover the bare spots around the plants and shrubs.
  6. Fertilize, patch spots with turf, water more, and make your grass green and healthy. Be sure to keep it freshly mowed for the most inviting look and smell!
Just a little bit of extra effort can make your home look like a showplace, and get it sold faster. Ask us for more tips on dressing up your Albuquerque home for sale! We've got 35 years of experience in selling real estate in Albuquerque NM.    ~Tim Fish

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