Thursday, January 21, 2010

Home Staging for Albuquerque Real Estate Sales

From Ambiance Home Staging & Interior Design, LLC

You've decided on your price, listed your home on the Albuquerque MLS, and now you wait to find a buyer. Whether a home is lived in or vacant, it will benefit from "staging" before being placed on the market. When a family has lived in a home for awhile, they are so used to it that they can't see some of the problems. A fresh set of eyes (or, in the case of Ambiance, TWO sets of professional fresh eyes!) can quickly spot things that might be a deterrent to a quick sale. Sometimes it is a need to remove clutter, freshen up things such as bedding, re-arrange furniture and wall hangings to better show off the space, etc.

Out latest staging was this week in a beautiful large expensive home in Albuquerque. It is a gorgeous home with almost no clutter and just the right amount of furniture. However, there were almost no accessories, ambient lighting or accoutrements to soften up the space and make it look comfortable and livable. Being super bargain shoppers, we were able to purchase just a few things such as new bedding, pillows, throws, lamps, candles, etc. which made a world of difference in this space. The homeowner had no time, interest or knowledge of what was needed and welcomed our shopping service.

Check out our website below and look at the Facebook page at the bottom for before and after photos of this job. (Or, go directly to Facebook and search for Ambiance Home Staging and Interior Redesign. Our website also features a before/after gallery of other Albuquerque interior redesign we've done!)

A vacant house offers different challenges. We bring in just enough furniture and lots of accessories to set up interesting pockets of interest, or "vignettes" to bring the rooms alive and interesting. It is a proven fact that potential buyers will spend more time in a staged home than one that is vacant. We direct the buyers eyes toward the home's interesting features and provide a sense that the house would be nice to live in. Ambiance brings in all the furniture, accessories and any props necessary to accomplish this goal. For the reasonable cost of our service, the client gets our expertise, information concerning any other things that should be done to the home/property, staging materials and their set-up for a period of 90 days.

After that period, if the house is still on the market, our staging props may be retained on a month-to-month basis for a small fee. The client/homeowner is responsible for our materials while in the home, but we only had a problem once where a house was broken into. Fortunately, the owner had homeowner's insurance, which covered our stuff, as well as the appliances, etc. that were taken! (We, of course, carry general business liability insurance.)

If you are thinking about putting your Albuquerque home on the market, call Ambiance Home Staging and Interior Redesign, LLC first! Carefully staged homes will sell faster, get more Realtor traffic and will usually be priced higher than those that are not staged. Our service is a small price to pay to have your home look its best for potential buyers! Check out our Albuquerque Home Staging Website at and call us for a quote or consultation!